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Bandes Originales / In the Tracks of : Maurice Jarre – 76min
60 years of successful career, 200 film scores, 70 years of theater … From the most beautiful hours of TNP to the Academy Awards of Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago, Maurice Jarre is a film legend.
He lived between Switzerland and Los Angeles where he invited the audience to a private interview in the heart of his creative universe. In front of his piano, facing a magnificent landscape which surrounds him, he tells the audience about his life made of music, uplifting them into the deepest of his memories.

Interviews (93 min) –
Conversation with Maurice Jarre (33 min) –
Language & subtitles:
French & English

Jonathan ALLEN – Sound engineer at Abbey Road / UK
Laurence BADIE – Actress / France
Jacques DORFMANN – Director / France
David LEAN – Director / UK
Stéphane LEROUGE – Film music specialist / France
Adrian LYNE – Director / USA
George MILLER – Director / Australia
Jean-Pierre MOCKY – Director / France
Jean ROCHEFORT – Actor / France
Omar SHARIF – Actor / France
Volker SCHLÖNDORFF – Director / Germany
Peter WEIR – Director / Australia