In the Tracks of / Bandes Originales is a documentary series dedicated to the greatest film music composers.
How a film score is created? How is it “made”?
The series aims to explore the relations between music and cinema and to propose a deeper thought upon the creative process. Famous composers are privileged witnesses. Thanks to their great experience, they are able to share their passion with us while analyzing the field and scope of their work.



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Bandes Originales / In the Tracks of : Georges Delerue – 72min
This film aims to revive the memory of this great composer from the French School, who was driven by the music. He dedicated the major part of his art and of his work to the film score.
He was the author of more than 200 film scores. Very few composers expressed themselves like him through very different genders. Georges Delerue composed for the cinema new wave, (Contempt by Jean-Luc Godard), (Jules and Jim, Day for Night by François Truffaut) but also for the popular cinema of Philippe de Broca (That Man from Rio) and Gerard Oury (The Sucker). He also worked on compositions for television and radio, then for Hollywood with for instance Oliver Stone (Platoon).

Director / France – François TRUFFAUT
Director / France – Agnès VARDA
Director / France – Michel WYM
Bonus :
Unreleased Concert – First Delerue’s string quartet: 26 min –
Georges Delerue wrote his first string quartet when he was 23.
Concert performed by Traffic Quintet,
directed by Alexandre Desplat and recorded at Studio Davout.

Interviews (64 min) –
Language & subtitles:
French & english

Bruce BERESFORD – Director / Australia
Nicole BERTOLD – Head of Fondation Boris Vian / France
Bertrand BLIER – Director / France
Bud CARR – Musical supervisor / USA
Alain CORNEAU – Director / France
Philippe DE BROCA – Director / France
Alexandre DESPLAT – Composer / France
Jean-Luc GODARD – Director / France
Diane KURYS – Director / France
Stephane LEROUGE – Film music specialist / France
Gayle LEVANT – Harpist / USA
Jean-Claude PETIT – Composer / France
Pierre SCHOENDOERFFER – Director / France
Oliver STONE – Director / USA
Frederic TALGORN – Composer / France
Robert TOWNSON – Head of Varèse Sarabande / USA