In the Tracks of / Bandes Originales is a documentary series dedicated to the greatest film music composers.
How a film score is created? How is it “made”?
The series aims to explore the relations between music and cinema and to propose a deeper thought upon the creative process. Famous composers are privileged witnesses. Thanks to their great experience, they are able to share their passion with us while analyzing the field and scope of their work.



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Bandes Originales / In the Tracks of : Bruno Coulais – 52min
With more than one hundred and seventy film scores, Bruno Coulais is certainly one of the most innovative composers of contemporary Cinema. His success made by marked out curves through surprising experiments, lets us get into sound worlds that cultivate with dexterity the questioning and the respect for the image:

« Film music has to be an element as well as images, it has to come from the screen and not be external. »

Unreleased Concert (26 min) –
Bruno Coulais @ Church of Soisy-sous-Montmorency
Interviews (107 min) –
Langueage & subtitles:
French & english

Akhenaton – Rapper / France
Alain CHABAT – Director – Acteur / France
Christophe BARRATIER – Director / France
Benoit JACQHOT – Director / France
Claude NURIDSANY – Director / France
Marie PERRENOU – Director / France
François SARANO – Océanographe / France
Jacques CLUZAUD – Director / France
Jacques PERRIN – Director / France
James HUTH – Director / France
Laurent KORCIA – Violinist / France
Laurent PETIT-GIRARD – Composer / France
Marie KOBAYASHI – Singer / France
Volker SCHLÖNDORFF – Director / Germany