In the Tracks of / Bandes Originales is a documentary series dedicated to the greatest film music composers.
How a film score is created? How is it “made”?
The series aims to explore the relations between music and cinema and to propose a deeper thought upon the creative process. Famous composers are privileged witnesses. Thanks to their great experience, they are able to share their passion with us while analyzing the field and scope of their work.



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Bandes Originales / In the Tracks of : Alexandre Desplat – 52min
Alexandre Desplat is one of the most famous film music composer of today. Innovative artist with a singular expression, he is the successor of french masters of film music: Georges Delerue, Antoine Duhamel, Maurice Jarre.

Writing music for films gather his two passions: music and cinema.
Between working sessions, confidences, films and personnal archives, Alexandre Desplat offers, through this documentary, a great record on the creative process and today’s cinema.

Bonus :
Interviews (60 min) –
Masterclass with Alexandre Desplat (45 min) –
Language & subtitles:
French & english

Wes ANDERSON – Director / USA
Jacques AUDIARD – Director / France
Jeff BOUDREAUX – Drummer / USA
Gilles BOURDOS – Director / France
George CLOONEY – Director – Actor / USA
Laura ENGEL – Agent / USA
Stephen FREARS – Director / UK
Grant HESLOV – Producer / USA
Dominique Solrey LEMONNIER – Violonist – Alexandre Desplat’s wife / France
Roman POLANSKI – Director / France
Vincent SEGAL – Cellist / France
Florent-Emilio SIRI – Director / France