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Bandes Originales / In the Tracks of : Alexandre Desplat – 52min
Alexandre Desplat is one of the most famous film music composer of today. Innovative artist with a singular expression, he is the successor of french masters of film music: Georges Delerue, Antoine Duhamel, Maurice Jarre.

Writing music for films gather his two passions: music and cinema.
Between working sessions, confidences, films and personnal archives, Alexandre Desplat offers, through this documentary, a great record on the creative process and today’s cinema.

Bonus :
Interviews (60 min) –
Masterclass with Alexandre Desplat (45 min) –
Language & subtitles:
French & english

Wes ANDERSON – Director / USA
Jacques AUDIARD – Director / France
Jeff BOUDREAUX – Drummer / USA
Gilles BOURDOS – Director / France
George CLOONEY – Director – Actor / USA
Laura ENGEL – Agent / USA
Stephen FREARS – Director / UK
Grant HESLOV – Producer / USA
Dominique Solrey LEMONNIER – Violonist – Alexandre Desplat’s wife / France
Roman POLANSKI – Director / France
Vincent SEGAL – Cellist / France
Florent-Emilio SIRI – Director / France