The Cunning Little Vixen


" The Cunning Little vixen " is an innovative adaptation of Leos Janácek's opera, 
a fable seemingly innocent and melancholic.

The director Stephan Grögler chose to work with the artist sculptor Arne Quinze whose 
astonishing installations answer perfectly the magic of the Slavic forest and the nostalgia 
for the mystery of the nature confronted at the beginning of the industrial era.
A sculpture-installation includes both the artists and the public to favor a direct meeting, 
multiply the spatial perceptions (collections) and make a success of a maximal interaction 
between soloists, public, musicians and sculpture.
6 musicians and 9 soloists give to this masterful opera an instrumental version of "closeness" 
creating a real intimacy between the work and the public.Didier Puntos's musical adaptation, 
sound space by Nathaniel Méchaly, on a choreography of Ramses Sigl. The soloists are dressed 
by the stylist Roy Krejberg.

Through the singular personality of these artists, this documentary tells over several months, 
Stephan Grögler's daily adventure to bring to a successful conclusion the realization of this 
famous opera.