Paper Screen – Thriller

Adaptations from best sellers to a film is now a current process, but the question is :
Is the movie faithful to the work and what
does “faithful” mean?

Paper Screen retraces the artistic journey of literary works into film. Starting with the original work and the novels impact on the
adaption to its film version. Our aim is to give the public a chance to rediscover the books and the movies under a new light:
to show how one inspired the other. We will cross portraits between the authors, writers and directors to give a specific direction for each documentary.

This is a 6 X 52’ documentary series, each addressing a different literary genre:
- Thriller
- Drama
- Comedy
- Fantasy
- Science-Fiction
- War Adventure

Available soon on OCS

Cinema has always been inspired by literature. One in three films are adaptations.
Every year numerous books goes from libraries to dark theater screens.
To adapt a novel means working from the story but it’s also forgetting the text in order to continue, to enhance
and to make another piece of work…
Méliès did it with Jules Verne, and since always, literature gives stories to movies.
“It would be a great movie!” it is often said… Isn’t the book enough?


Over time, thriller has become an extremely popular literary and film genre, as successful in bookshop as in the cinema. Thanks to authors and filmmakers, we discover the story of these adaptations.

With Jean-Jacques ANNAUD, Tonino BENACQUISTA, John BOORMAN, Michel BUSSI, Guillaume CANET, Jean-Claude CARRIERE, Harlan COBEN, Fréderique DEGHELT, Umberto ECO, James ELLROY, Caryl FEREY, Dan FRANCK, François GUERIF, Mary HARRON, Patricia HIGHSMITH, Alfred HITCHCOCK, Patrice LECONTE, Anthony MINGHELLA, Burt REYNOLDS, Franck THILLIEZ, François TRUFFAUT...