Lalo Schifrin

Composer, pianist and conductor, Lalo Schifrin is a true "renaissance artist", whose talent contributed significantly to the musical vocabulary of the 20th century.
While best known for his film and television music, this composer and pianist has also had historic impact in the jazz and classical worlds.
This documentary retraces his life: A great name in film music and author of the renowned musical themes for Mission Impossible and Dirty Harry, known around the world.
Through these famous themes, familiar to all, and his varied and multicultural compositions, Lalo Schifrin is a legend ...

Interviews : Jon Burlingame, Kyle Eastwood, Brett Ratner, Salaam Remi, Ryan Schifrin, Stéphane Lerouge, Bertrand Tavernier, Pierre Boussaguet, James Morrison, John Boorman...

  • Ghent International Film Festival (2012)
  • Lumière Festival (2012)
  • Jecheon Film Festival (2014)
  • Festival du Cinema & Musique de film de La Baule (2016)

2012, 52 minutes. 16.9 diffusion : Orange Cinéma Séries

Mission impossible - Bruce Geller (1966)
Mannix - Bruce Geller (1967)
Bullitt - Peter Yates (1968)
THX 1138 - Georges Lucas (1971)
Dirty Harry - Don Siegel (1971)