Bruno Coulais

With more than one hundred and seventy film scores, Bruno Coulais is certainly one of the most innovative composers of contemporary Cinema. His success made by marked out curves through surprising experiments, lets us get into sound worlds that cultivate with dexterity the questioning and the respect for the image:

« Film music has to be an element as well as images, it has to come from the screen and not be external. »

With : Akhenaton, Alain CHABAT, Benoît JACQUOT, Christophe BARRATIER, Claude NURIDSANY, Marie PERRENOU, François SARANO, Jacques CLUZAUD, Jacques PERRIN, James HUTH, Laurent KORCIA, Laurent PETIT GIRARD, Marie KOBAYASHI, Volker SCHLÖNDORFF

  • Ghent International Film Festival (2013)
  • Jecheon Film Festival (2014)
  • Richmond French Film Festival (2017)


2013, 52 minutes. 16.9 diffusion : Orange Cinéma Séries

Microcosmos : Le Peuple de l'herbe de Claude Nuridsany et Marie Pérennou (1996) 
Himalaya  - Éric Valli (1999) 
Winged Migration - Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud & Michel Debats (2001) 
The Chorus - Christophe Barratier (2004) 
Farewell, My Queen - Benoît Jacquot (2012)